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My Poor Pothos

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I've had a pothos, good size, for about three years now. It always did well whether I ignored it or paid it attention(mostly ignored it). I decided in late winter this year to repot it into a coco lined hanging planter. After about a month some leaves started dropping off. Then it started happening a lot, they'd turn yellow or brown first then drop. I put it back into a plastic pot and hung it where it had always been hanging, watered/fertilized it the same as before (water about once a week, fertilizer about once every three or four months if I could remember), and hoped it would recover. It's been back in the plastic pot for maybe 6 or 8 weeks now and the leaves are dropping off as much as ever, it's starting to look very straggly and humble, it's not recovering at all, it looks bad. I'm fixing to throw it out but before I do I thought I'd ask and see if anyone knows what the problem might be and how I can remedy it. Anybody have similar experiences? (I blame the coco planter, it was doing fine until I put it in that but I don't know how to help my pothos now.) Thanks for considering my question, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot ---Pam in Mass

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