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white flying gnats


By Alexgin

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For about 2 weeks we have had this problem with lots and lots of white flying gnats. They almost look like fuzz flying around and if u look closely they have a tiny green body. They do not bite and die in our pool. We have a yard surronded by shrubbery and lots of trees. How can I get rid of this annoying things? Please help me? If they stay I know I will have the worst summer ever?



In Florida, we call them "No-See-'ems". They are commonly seen where we also have mosquitoes. They are a nightmare down between sand dunes. They tend to stay where there is no wind - your area is surrounded by wind breaks. Try citronella candles around the pool, and definitely try outdoor fans. Sorry, don't know how they breed.

1 Jun, 2008


If they don't bite, I don't think they are no-see-ums... nsu's are nasty little biters....sand fleas.
They sound like a gnat...and they swarm in spring for breeding...they will probably not be a problem beyond may/june but understand how an infestation of insects can ruin your day. Barrierisland has mentioned fans...the insects are small enough that air circulation may be the ticket.They prefer still air...don't know if citronella will work on them...but it might keep any mosquitoes from bothering you. goodluck...

2 Jun, 2008

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