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one stem rose bush


By Bev

United States Us

this rose bush is on one main stem . it is called remmember me and has orange flowers, it has flowerd twice. this time all the flowers have turned pure white could you tell me why. i havent done anything different.



Some rose varieties are grafted onto a root stock..the root stock could be any hardy rose... the graft of the orange flowered 'remember me' may have failed and the root stock has put up it's own shoot..It is probably an older hardier variety...give it a chance and see what you have...otherwise I would advise you to find another Rosa "Remember Me" at the nursery and plant it in a more sheltered spot. Grafted stock is weaker than the root stock. It's just nature taking over. It's nothing you have done or didn't don't worry.

2 Jun, 2008


thanks for that you have put my mind at rest.

2 Jun, 2008

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