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when to prune tomatoes plant ? how many branches should be left to fruit? keep pruning all the time or just once?



Not sure what you mean at this time? I aim for a single stem and nip out all but 5 shoots and keep nipping, but when are you doing this? or you mean topping in your green house?

18 Nov, 2009


depends on the hight of your green houes, but limited to seven truses is ideal if you have the hight and truses not branches you usualy strip the leaves up to the first trus, you need to pick out rouge truses as they start if you grow moneymaker or one like it but a good cross dose not give you this problem. there is no sutch thing as pruning with tomatoes

18 Nov, 2009


Well hopefully you are asking this info for next year... not exactly a good time to be growing tommies!

18 Nov, 2009

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