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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

Thank you all very much. It helps a great deal. Here is a picture of the whole bush and I have three of them, this is the smallest. Here is a close up of the leaves.




You'll have a job pruning them, then!

1 Jun, 2008


Any recommendations for pruning? Ive never pruned anything in my life. When do you do it?

1 Jun, 2008


I am sure I did tell you how somewhere???? Anyway, when it has finished flowering is the right time. First cut out any dead or diseased branches. You can also cut a few crowded old branches from the base, if there are any. Then cut back the ones that have flowered, by about a third, as far as a strong pair of leaf buds. EVERY time you cut, stand back and check the shape of the shrub, 'cos you can't stick the bits back on!!!! (LOL) Make sure you have a balanced shaped shrub. It will grow back, I promise, and may even flower again this year! (you don't have to re-prune if it does!) Hope this helps.

2 Jun, 2008


Thank you spritzhenry, I copied those instructions.

2 Jun, 2008

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