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plant suggestion?


By Smithlr

ia, United States Us

Hello, I'm looking for a suggestion for a showy flowering plant to go in with a perennial plant I have for my 3 seasons porch. The perennial plant that it will be potted with is a common plant, I do not know the name of it :( , it is about 18 inches high, not a palm but more on that order, 3 to 5 leaves grow from a center point. They are a medium green with a light green center. It requires little water and didn't like the direct sun last summer. The stem is a little stalky. I thought about something simple like marigolds but I was afraid of the smell. I'd like to avoid geraniums as I have those in hanging baskets. Thank you!!!



It sounds like your plant is Diffenbachia (Diffenbachia maculata). First be sure your pot will accommodate the roots of what you add - you may need a larger pot. Maybe look for a pot quite a bit wider at the top (not necessarily deeper), and replant the Diffenbachia to one side. I would suggest impatiens - several colors, same growth requirements as your plant. You can add more than one other plant, and something like philodendron would trail over the side. You can polish the leaves of that plant with a dry terry cloth and get a beautiful gloss

1 Jun, 2008

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