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Wet plants


By Rhonda

Arapahoe/Colorado, United States Us

I live on the prairie of eastern Colorado and usually have to worry about drought resistant plants....but my lawn sprinkler drains into my border garden and I'm drowning everything I usually plant....any ideas?



If your lawn water is running off into the border, your flow of water to the lawn is too fast to be absorbed. See if you can decrease the flow and allow the water to be absorbed more slowly. (adjust sprinkler heads). Another factor is to aerate the lawn, be sure grass clippings and leaves are raked away. (sprinkler water floats on top of clippings and leaves). If your lawn slopes, maybe try using sprinkler heads just at the top third - see if the rest of the lawn will absorb the downhill runoff. Good Luck!

31 May, 2008

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