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Name that plant!


By Kirstym

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant was grown from a cutting donated by a friend a few months back... it's grown into a lovely hardy plant, but unfortunately I have no idea what it is as the friend in question wasn't sure and I've not been able to find any information. The leaves are dark green with a light green dot where the stem joins, and they're very round and flat - almost as though they belong in a pond. Does anyone have any ideas?




Can you tell me - are its leaves quite leathery? I've looked all through my house-plant books and have not yet found an exact ID. I do not like to be beaten!

31 May, 2008


They feel more rubbery than leathery - but very tough and strong; quite thick too. It's really bugging me!

1 Jun, 2008


It may be a sort of Aralia (Polyscias), possibly Fabian, although your leaves look a little smoother edged...
After more investigation, it is closer to Pilea peperomioides (also called Chinese money plant and Chinese missionary plant). Check them out and compare to see what you think.

1 Jun, 2008


I also think it is Pilea peperomioides. Glad to know it's name at last. I have one that somebody gave me.

1 Jun, 2008


I just checked out Pilea peperomiodes and that looks exactly like what I have. Thanks for all your help!

1 Jun, 2008


Pilea peperomioides - see ref: " A Chinese puzzle solved"

I have just been given a small plant by a friend who knew part of the name! My friend also said it was a friendship plant as it is easily propagated by taking off the basal shoots and potting them and can be given to friends with every chance that the plant will flourish. But it is not the American plant known as "Friendship Plant".

23 Aug, 2008

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