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What is this plant called?

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

My friend at work has given me this houseplant to nurse back to health. She doesn't want to lose it as her late mother in law gave it to her. I can't find any info on it and I'm worried in case I can't save it. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to look after it. I have also taken a couple of cuttings to see if I can get a new plant going from it.




Hard to tell without knowing how big the leaves are - also, is it a climber with aerial roots? There are a couple of possibilities if so,

21 Aug, 2007


Thank you for taking the time to look at my question. The leaves are about 2" long at present, they are quite thin and delicate looking, new leaves appear curled up (the one on the left) and glossy but are not as glossy when they open up. Because the plant was in a bit of a mess when I repotted it, it's hard to tell if it's a climber or not. I have given it a temporary support, decent compost and a drop of water to keep it going. It is now on a sunny windowsill and being observed daily. I hope to be able to keep it alive and make it healthy but would really like to know wat the name of the plant is.

22 Aug, 2007


It is only a guess - could it be a Philodendron? Watch for aerial roots, if it is. I've been through my houseplant book and nothing looks quite right. Sorry not to be able to identify it properly. Other suggestion was going to be a Caladium but their leaves are a lot bigger.

22 Aug, 2007


Thank you so much - I have looked into your two suggestions and you're right, it could be either. The leaves don't seem as thick as your suggestions though, maybe my friend's plant is just a young specimen?? I'll keep a close eye out for the aerial roots, although I haven't seen any sign of any yet. The stalk reminds me of a tender busy lizzie. Thanks again. Sarah

23 Aug, 2007


i think its a Philodendron but if it has been neglected the leaves could of grown thinly due to lack of food and light.

30 Aug, 2007

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