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Frog in my Greenhouse


By Tom3109

Cradley Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All
I have a Frog in my Greenhouse, it's damp and warm in there should I leave it or put it out, the door is open in the day time.



I too have a frog and a couple of toads in my greenhouse. They are all very reluctant to come out. Every time I try to catch the frog it leaps out of reach!

4 Oct, 2009


leave it there it is doing nothing but good,

4 Oct, 2009


Yes they do a lot of good, will come and go, I let mine be

4 Oct, 2009


Very soon they should be going into hibernation. If they can get out themselves, leaving them put is ok, but if not maybe as it gets colder, you may need to give a helping hand.

4 Oct, 2009


they intend to bury themselves in the green house ,nice and worm in there look out for them when turning the beds

4 Oct, 2009


let them do as they please they will soon gobble up any little unwanted critters

x x x

5 Oct, 2009


Tom 3109 are you in the USA? You have the stars and stripes with your name. (If you hold the curser over your atavar you should see it.)
Just wondered because of the frog question.

5 Oct, 2009


mad that is the the british flag'my favourit sause comes from were Tom lives. so it wont be a cane toad,

6 Oct, 2009

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