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Lilac tree


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I had a rather large lilac tree growing in a border in the front of my garden, it never really flowers and I suspect has been there for many years. In my back garden I have a 2 year old lilac a Mademoiselle. Limone and I would like to put this in its place. At the weekend I cut back the old lilac and the picture shows what it ended up like! My question is are there any tips on how to remove the rest of the plant which was very well established!! and also tips on putting the new one in its place. Thanks

On plant Mademoiselle. Limone




The problem that I see here, Andrea is that the roots are well under the tarmac. This could be a reason for it not flowering well as it was not getting enough water. Now, you will not be able to remove the old roots!
I would dig out as much of the root as possible (hard work), add some decent soil but think twice about putting another lilac in its place.

24 Sep, 2009


Many Thanks for the advice!

24 Sep, 2009


I would not put another Lilac there.

24 Sep, 2009


Try a Clethra Alnifolia. It is evergreen, not spindly or likely to spread its roots underground like a lilac, and it flowers for more than 10 days. Not a fan of lilac but I like the idea of a flowering shrub, and I found the Clethra.

24 Sep, 2009


Cheers Andrea....I will look that one up.

24 Sep, 2009

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