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No runner beans ?


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have planted my runner beans as i do every year from last years saved seed but out of 40 seeds planted only 4 have come up the rest have gone to a white gooey mess and rotted away, they are all planted in seperate pots and in a greenhouse, can someone help please. Thanks Roger



Hi Roger

Sound like they were too wet. I've had the same with my broad beans. I don't know how many I have planted since last autumn and only just getting some through. The compost I used is some that I forgot to mix in with some course sand or grit. My last lot of broad beans were soaked in water for 49 hours, by which time, they had started to shoot. I then let them dry out on some kitchen roll and planted them in some compost mixed with course sand, hopefully to give them some good drainage.

It's not only my beans, but aubergines, courgettes and cucumbers. All one thing in common .... they were large seeds. It's been a terrible year for them again, but even the nursery where I get my other plants from, have had a bad year too. I just don't think they like the compost too moist.



25 May, 2008


I agree with Roger. In the past I've often killed mine with kindness too! I seem to have got the watering right this year and most have germinated. Good luck with sowing some more.

25 May, 2008


hi. Im a little bit of an expert with runners as I grow 4 frames with 20 canes on each. What i do is start them off inside,enough for 3 frames then when i plant them out i just drop seeds into a drill hole at the bottom of each cane, To much watering will just make the seed go mouldy so just water lightly, I tend to water once a day in the evening.I also make a frame support that can be used for several years, that make it simple to erect and dimantle each year, Its a fraction of the price of most advertised on the net. Hope you get the same results as me

5 Jun, 2008

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