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Wrapping up for winter??

West Somerset, England Eng

I am hoping for advice on cutting my electricity bills in the greenhouse this winter, by installing bubble wrap in part of it.. Please could anyone who does this tell me how they do it while keeping the plants from getting botrytis? My greenhouse is one of those with a curved roof - 6' x 8', and I have a thermostatically controlled fan heater. Is it best to try a Garden Centre for the bubble wrap and clips, or elsewhere? Thanks, all.



Two Wests and Elliot are good for this kind of accessory. Also stand plants (ones that are on the floor) on polystyrene sheets (or recycle those pot holder trays) as this keeps the cold from going upwards from the floor. As for botrytis, I think ventilation on reasonable days is the answer. Lets hope the winter is not too cold!

17 Sep, 2009


they sell it at B&Q barbara , i saw it the other day while i was there, might be a bit cheaper than GC or nurserys

17 Sep, 2009


Put a piece of fleece across the ridge of your greenhouse when you bubblewrap the rest. B& Q as mentioned is one of the best places to buy both.

17 Sep, 2009


Bubblewrap would probably be cheaper at Staples or other stationery suppliers.
If hubby's up for a challenge have a look at:

17 Sep, 2009


By golly, Wagger - that would be a project and a half! He's too busy playing with his cars, I'm afraid....

Thanks for the help, all. :-))

17 Sep, 2009


I was hoping he'd trial it for us, Spritz. LOL.

18 Sep, 2009


LOL. No chance!

18 Sep, 2009

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