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another pic of mystery allium


By Romneya

Angus, Scotland Sco

8 ins high and most are just finishing blooming. Distinctive fan shaped leaves. It does seem to be an allium - not a nectospernum or garlic. I ate a bit of leaf and there was a definite onion aftertaste. The flowers stay upright until the seed starts to set and then they droop a bit. They form a fairly tight hemisphere and are not spraying out like fireworks. Hope you can help...




Allium carinatum ssp pulchella? Though I think someone else has already suggested this - just checked back and Owdboggy suggested this before. No idea what else it can be, I'm afraid. Its commonly known as Keeled Garlic. I've seen a pic on the web that looks quite like this, but others not at all!

11 Sep, 2009


I checked out the allium carinatum ssp pulchellum but the pics don't seem to match and my plants are all only 8 ins tall. I think the carinatum are bigger than that. But thanks for trying

11 Sep, 2009


Might be smaller cos its in a pot, though.

11 Sep, 2009


Take back the A. c. pulchellum, flowers are totally wrong. Look for Nerine filifolium which is an Allium relative and does have an oniony smell to the leaves.

12 Sep, 2009


I've already had the suggestion of Nerine rejected, Owdboggy, though I reckon that's what it is - the other one that's a possibility is Tulbaghia, though I'm not sure the leaves look right for that.

12 Sep, 2009


But which Tulbaghia? I have a white one and a lilac one, but neither of those could be described as 8 inches tall and the flowers are more star shaped and fewer in the umbel than this.
I also have a small Nectaroscordum nerinefolium with pink flowers like this, but again there are fewer in the flower head.
Nerine. filifolium is a lot smaller than N. bowdenii or N. sarniensis which are the two most commonly seen.
I would still love to see a really close up shot of a single flower though.

12 Sep, 2009


Is it Allium senescens which is a late bloomer and quite small with strappy leaves?? There are some pictures on google images which look similar.

13 Sep, 2009


its definitely allium senescens. I'm really really impressed with everyone's knowledge. Thank you all so much.

13 Sep, 2009

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