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we planted a hazel tree when are they ripe


By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

we planted it amongst about 30 mixed trees for a millenium wood and for the first time we have six hazel nuts when should they be ready to pick -- and how will we tell!

On plant Corylus avellana



I had one in my old garden which was about 10ft tall and I never got a single nut, because the squirrels beat me to it. I had lots of shells and bits. That was about late Sept/Oct.
Good luck.

7 Sep, 2009


thankyou-- our problem is rabbits so hopefully they can't reach!!

7 Sep, 2009


The professional gorwers wait until the nuts fall to the ground and collect them up then. However, you can pick before that. The trick is to gently touch the tip of the nut. If it is loose in the 'cup' then you may ease it out and it will ripen off the tree. If it is tight then it is not ready.
You CAN use green nuts, but they need to be shelled and roasted fairly soon after picking.

7 Sep, 2009


thanks owdboggy i'll leave tham awhile as they are still tight

7 Sep, 2009

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