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I live in Ohio and have an allium either a giganteum or lucy ball and can't get seeds to germinate, any special technique to use?

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what can I do to get seeds from gigangteum or lucy ball allium to germinate?



I answered this for you when you first asked.
They need sowing fresh and left to the weather over winter.

4 Sep, 2009


One of my books just says, "with most, its possible to raise from seed; sow them in gritty compost in late summer"..

4 Sep, 2009


I suppose if you really want to be clever then there is a method to try. Sow the seeds on damp coffee filter paper in say a saucer or shallow dish. Leave overnight somewhere for the seeds to soak up water. Then, place the saucer (cover with cling film) in the Salad compartment of the Fridge. Leave for 6 weeks, then gently resow the seeds in ordinary compost and keep warm (but not hot, say 50 degrees F.).
Awful lot of messing about though, when it is just as easy to sow and leave exposed over winter.
By the way I have actually seen seeds of some Alliums germinate like this in the Fridge. They are then very difficult to remove from the paper without damaging the tiny roots.

4 Sep, 2009


Oh lord, owdboggy, I couldn't be bothered, specially when they take so long to flower when grown from seed - I'm off to buy myself bulbs, don't know about Dovelover;-)

4 Sep, 2009


Me neither, I just dig up the bulbs where they have self seeded and grown in the garden, usually in the gravel paths though.

4 Sep, 2009

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