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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom

having had all of my 200 tomato plants murdered by blight
[ im not bitter] all i had left was my hanging basket toms i grew gartenperle german for garden pearl and hundreds and thousands the garden pearl had plenty on the stems but were very bland and my watery now my friends the hundreds and thousands are amazing plenty of fruit and the taste out of this world so much so that ive sent away for a lot more packets for next year my question my friends im looking for tomato seed varieties that produce really sweet toms either hanging basket or cordon this new season im going for quality not quantity and il have the dithane ready from day one also does anyone know what ferline toms taste like they are supposed to be blight resistant thanks



Were your blighted toms inside or outside?

2 Sep, 2009



2 Sep, 2009


Last year it was only my ferlines that stayed free from blight. This year my outdoor ferlines began to show the signs of blight,much to my dismay. I then used Bordeaux mixture on them ,which made them look horrible ( blue colour ),I cut out every tiny hint of the blight and hoped for the best,looking and trimming away where necessary every day.

I just went out in the rain to take a picture to show you how they look today
I have uploaded the picture but I do not think it is going to be with these words Where can I find it ?

2 Sep, 2009


Not a lot one can do other than as has been suggested. The blight spores are splashed up from the soil on to the lower leaves. So, we always remove the bottom leaves as the plant grows. They look a bit 'leggy' but it does help. Also, if they are grown in the soil, you could try covering the soil with plastic sheeting and planting in slits in the plastic. that way the blight spores cannot get into the soil. White plastic also reflects heat upwards and ripens the tomatoes for you.

2 Sep, 2009

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