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By Teegee

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Picked today!

Visited the allotment this morning an picked these, they are a bit small but clean as a whistle.

A rinse under the tap is all that is required with the cauli & carrots before going into the pot!




Best to steam vegetables to get the nutrients in full.
I have a plastic steamer that fits in my Microwave. I put cut up potatoes in the top section, as they need 8 minutes, all other vegetables in the bottom section for 5 minutes. It cooks Cauliflower beautifully. I slice Onions and Garlic thinly and steam seperately.

Curly Kale is the only one I put in water.

5 Nov, 2012


I steam most vegetables but over water not in the microwave which removes some of the goodness from the food.

5 Nov, 2012


I like my electric turns itself off if I forget to top up the water..........

5 Nov, 2012


you've done well for the caulis not to bolt and actually flower.

looking good for a hearty soup/casserole.

5 Nov, 2012


I'm jealous! Must be fulilling to harvest tonight's dinner.

5 Nov, 2012


There is water in the base of my Microwave plastic steamer. Have raw Carrot shredded every day.
There are 7 components on my dinner plate, including chopped Watercress, chopped fresh Parsley.
The winter is going to pass quickly by because I have to concentrate on the job in hand, to get everything included. Ha ha.

6 Nov, 2012


I,ll look at that one Snoops when mine needs replacing thanks for the info

6 Nov, 2012


My favourite veg cook up is a shaved layer of Celeriac on the base on a deep plate. Dribble of plum sauce then shaves off a carrot, a layer of chopped greens, shaves off a turnip, bit of oil spray, a small courgette sliced length ways with a cheese slice. Finished with a another thin layer of shaved celeriac. Microwave cover over it. Six mins on full power. Then place a chargrill face down on top and 4 and half mins on full. Yes I know it now says oven cook but it didn't use to say that. Takes roughly 15 mins in all to prepare and cook and very cheap and tasty. Good for diabetics too. All the veg apart from the chopped greens last well in the fridge. Because they are shaved rather than sliced a little goes a long way and the layers can vary according to taste.

7 Nov, 2012

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