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my tomatos flower but few tomatos


By Stiz

United States Us

Live in NH, Tomatos are in a green house. Grew about 10 ft have them all roped to hold them up, Any ideas? Some are Red and some yellow. The leaves are dense, any reason to pinch of leaves if there is no fruit?



Usually tomatoes not setting are due to 'dry set' caused by extremely hot dry conditions or lack of pollination, though tomatoes self-pollinate.
Some advise tapping the plants at midday which helps disperse the pollen.
If you have been enjoying/suffering extremely hot dry weather, try spraying the tomato flowers with water to help them set.
Are you growing them on a single cordon (stem)? This enables the plants to be more manageable and helps with ventilation. If on a single stem, only remove leaves if they become yellow or diseased, and below trusses, but regularly pinch out any sideshoots.

29 Aug, 2009

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