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Growing my potatoes

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i am wanting to grow my own potatoes but i live in a flat and im not sure if you can grow them inside. any help???



Hi Rikygreen and welcome to GoY. I can't imagine it is possible to grow potatoes indoors in a flat. Even the potato grow bags take up a fair bit of space and need a lot of watering. That said there is no harm in trying - do you have a small balcony or any out side area?

29 Aug, 2009


Indoors would be difficult as you would start to get mould problems (on windows in cupboards etc) if poorly ventilated also the watering would not be easy likly to seap.
If you have a balcony make sure it can support the extra weight and the water has somwhere to go dripping down on a neighbour could cause damp problems. Your lease agreement etc might also beworth checking before you do this.?
Have you thought of an allotment or sharing one?

29 Aug, 2009

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