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apple tree no blossom

strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb

i have ballerina apple tree its like an upright stick of a tree in patio pot. when i bought it last year it was covered in buds which then blossomed and then i had 10 or so large apples. this year there is no sign of blossom. we are wondering what went wrong. are some apples biennial bearers.



No, it should flower every year and therefore bear fruit. However, after that, sorry I have no experience in growing apple trees in pots. Did it get watered enough last year? Is the pot big enough? Just thoughts, I don't really know why it didn't flower this year..

21 May, 2008


It was in quite small pot when i bought it but its a dwarf type of tree no branches just a column. Moved it to bigger pot in feb and added bone meal and chicken manure pellets. I dont remember letting it dry out I was always fussing over it and gave it liquid seaweed. I keep thinking maybe its going to blossom late but still no sign. Other apple trees blossom has been and gone. Wondered if it got exhausted from too much fruit last year. It just looked like a column of apples.

21 May, 2008


My Apple Tree didnt Fruit last yr Hedgehog so i got a book on Pruning Fruit Trees & gave mine a good going over in the winter & this year it had loads of Blossom & i can see the Apples already starting2grow ! :)

21 May, 2008


Thank you jacque, i have read that not pruning can do this. Sadly there is nothing i can prune on this tree its just like a thick column with stumpy bud like branches! oh well never mind, perhaps next year.

22 May, 2008

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