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Willow Spiling

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I have a river along one side of my garden which has suffered some erosion, I've been advised to plant willow to stablise this.

I have heard of willow spiling and was wondering would this be suitable to do along the top of the river bank against a fence. It does not usually flood this far up, but might occasionally.



yes plant some a few feet back but not to close to your house .any water loving big shrub will help but willow having such long reaching strong roots will definatly help.if you want free willows weight untill there doorment in winter.find a weeping willow (my choice) or a willow of your choice.ask if aplicable and cut of the size tree your aloud to or size you want.push or dig a big enough hole to put a third or at lt least so its self supporting in the ground.push this in ande stamp it down.hopefully this will be near the water table if not plenty of spring you will have a brand new willow.

22 Aug, 2009

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