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Plum Tree (silver leaf disease)


By Sazg

United Kingdom Gb

I have a plum tree that is 5 years old and last year it produced fruit.
It is a victoria plum and for some reason it seems dead.
Not sure why but want to know if it will revive or not?
Maybe it has silver leaf and if so does anyone know how I can tell?



Quite tricky this Sazg there is silver leaf and false silver leaf that affect plums and cherries in particular.Both conditions result in a silver downy like surface to the leaves.So if you cannot find this then not silver leaf.
Silver leaf - there is die back to affected branches when you cut through branches no sap or sign of healthy growth often brown staining evident.Cut back affected branches well into new growth and seal cuts with tree paint burn branches as they can spread infection.
False Silver leaf - there is no evidence of die back so if you cut into branch remains healthy in appearance.No pruning required just good soaking of roots with water and a foliar feed.Good luck if you able to post photo will know if silver leaf but you should be able to see tell tale signs.

17 May, 2008


If the tree had silvery sheen on the leaves when they last appeared that is a good indication that it may have silver leaf. To confirm this, cut into a branch that looks sick, and if you see dark brown staining in the wood (particularly visible if you dip it in water) then it could well be silver leaf.
Did you prune it heavily last year? Silver leaf infection is most likely to enter the tree through an old pruning wound that was not treated with Arbrex or similar.

23 Jun, 2009

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