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Why has my cougette plant leaves turned grey and powdery?


By Jolr

United Kingdom Gb

I am growing vegetables for the first time and up until last week my courgette plant had been very succesful. However over the last week the leaves have turned very grey and powdery. Initially I removed the leaves but now the whole plant has turned. Why has this happened and how do I stop it next year?



same thing has happened to mine, i think its a powdery mildew , unless anyone else has ideas I blame the weather!!

14 Aug, 2009


This is as Pamg says - powdery mildew and yes the weather is to blame. I gave up the unequal struggle - took all my courgettes out of the greenhouse and removed the lower leaves and fed the plants heavily...and they are cropping like mad! The mildew doesn't seem to affect the actual fruits and so I eat them!! But then I AM a Scot!!

14 Aug, 2009

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