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pachira aquatica - help needed!

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me? I new new to looking after plants, so not really sure what I am supposed to do with a particular plant. I have a pachira aquatica for a couple of years now, but I seem to be problem with the fact that the 'plaited' trunk is no longer 'plaited' now it's grown a lot!

I didn't realise this was a problem, until recently when I have noticed pictures of this kind of plant have the plaited trunk all the way up to the leaves!

Mine is plaited all the way up to the wiring that has been on it since I bought it, but where it's grown since, I have 3 branches coming outwards and one of the branches seems to look like it's dying?! What has gone wrong? Can it be rectified? I really don't want my plant to die because I love it!!

Please see the picture attached!

Many thanks,


On plant pachira aquatica




It doesn't look like it is getting any sun where you have it. I would put it outside for the summer not in hot sun but filtered light and see if it revives and starts to have new growth. I put my house plants outside in the summer and they seem to get enough renewed strength to make it through the winter months inside.

17 May, 2008


Thanks for your reply.

Do you keep them outside when it rains during the summer? I also have a yukka plant. Is this type of plant able to stay outside during the summer?

Thanks again.

18 May, 2008

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