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Why my Pachira aquatica tree starts wither away? Need help!

alberta, Canada Ca

I had this tree for almost 2 years. It has been good until we double watered it. It used to have 5 stems, only left 2 stems now. The dirt in the pot seems growing some white stuff, smells like mould.

On plant Pachira aquatica (also called money tree)




Looks like you've got it sitting in something to catch the water - take it out, let the pot drain and dry out, only water when the compost is dryish, do not leave sitting in water for longer than 30 mins. It's growing mould because it's too damp.

26 Jun, 2009


How can I upload more pictures here?
Anybody know? I have more photoes to show the problems of my tree.

26 Jun, 2009


It probably needs a re-pot.Some fresh compost and more root room will help.They are large shrubs/ small trees by nature and need a bit of space.Amazing flowers.

27 Jun, 2009


I don't think you can put more than one picture at a time in the question section - you'd have to add them to your photos page under your profile and direct people to them in your question.

27 Jun, 2009


Thank you guys for your advice!

28 Jun, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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