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When do you harvest Conference pears


By Swifty

United Kingdom Gb

I live in Bedfordshire and my Conference pear tree is laden with fruit, when is the best time to pick them?



Like most top fruit, gently push the top around stem with finger, if it gives then cup the pear in your hand and gentle lift up and twist, if it comes of cleanly and easily (may need a slight gentle pull too, only slightly!) then they're ready. Id give it a few more weeks or longer as id imagine they are not that big yet. Im only aying that as i live in bedford outskirts and mine arent harvesting size yet!

9 Aug, 2009


It depends on the variety and the seasonal weather how quickly they ripen ,otherwise the gentle test suggested above is the best way to decide if pears or apples are ripe enough to remove. That is if you can reach them. If pears are removed too soon they may not ripen at all.

10 Aug, 2009

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