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Dahlia Tubers with no shoots.

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Hi, can anyone help? This is my third year of planting out the same Dahlia Tubers. Each previous spring these tubers have had shoots (or obvious places where shoots look like they may come from), so Iv'e planted them knowing that they were alive. This year quite a few of them don't have any shoots. They were kept under the same conditions as before. Is it worth planting them? If not, is it worth keeping them in case them sprout next spring?



I'm new to growing Dahlias from tubers, but this year I have had 2 B.of Llandaff tubers sitting on a tray of compost covered lightly only up to the crown. Kept them moist & in the polyhouse & they have sprouted all over. I have taken those cuttings, potted them up (they are now rooting nicely) & the tubers are sprouting again so I think I would have a go. Hopefully it isn't too late, I think you may have some luck; nothing to lose really. I have just taken a pic & will post it on. Good luck.

16 May, 2008


If they are nice and firm - not soft/squishy/spongy - then they are probably fine. Don't put them back into storage for next spring, they will die. Don't know where in Uk you are, but in many places nowadays you can safely leave them outdoors all winter. I'm in Hereford (West Mids) and my dahlias have been outdoors all year for at least 15 years now.

16 May, 2008


I am in the SW and have also left my (only) Dahlia in the ground over winter. It has just poked through! I said 'only' but I have now planted three 'Bishop of Llandaff'' which I started in a big tub of compost and then planted out in the border last week when the shoots were about 3" tall. They need frost protection so I have cloches ready! I am also very new at growing Dahlias, and hope that this method will work! Plant yours in a pot and see what happens! You have nothing to lose.

16 May, 2008


Thanks everyone.
If I get any survivers I may try leaving them in the ground this year!

17 May, 2008

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