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pineapple broom


By Bren


I have a cytisus battandieri which apparently I have been pruning incorrectly, as I now only have leaves and flowers on the end of the branches.
So last year I bought another one. My question is I would like to keep this as a flowering shrub,what height can I keep it pruned to and still retain flowers?



Hi Bren lovely plant with real whiff of pineapple.I think youre confusing this plant with all cytisus and attempting to treat it like common broom.Your comments describe exactly how this plant grows - flowers are only borne at tips of branches and not all along as common broom does.It is more tree like in shape so each time you prune it will continue to bear flowers on new growth tips.Can grow up to 15' high so not really suited to being trained as a shrub.Old wood can be removed in winter but at its most effective when allowed to grow freely the flowers then drip from branches .

16 May, 2008

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