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what is this insect on my Rose bushes? How can I eradicate it? Clearly i would not have asked this question if it was not doing damage to the roses!


By Erica

United Kingdom Gb

It is about 5 to 7mm length and bright yellow as you can see. photo taken August 7 Hertfordshire




Sorry i dont know but it is a handsom critter.

7 Aug, 2009


I don't know what it is either, which is not much use to you, but is it harming the plant? If its not doing any damage, then I'd leave it alone - it might be something that eats aphids, which would be useful.

7 Aug, 2009


I agree with Bamboo, it's more benefit than harm, leave it alone.

7 Aug, 2009


Is it one of the hover flies? In which case it should be a welcome guest

7 Aug, 2009


its a type of wasp species that lives on its stings a largish insect like a spider and lays an egg on it i wont hurt anything including you.if you look carefully you can see the abdoman going down to a point and the antenna give it away to the wasp family to.very close to ants in everlution to as it goes.dont worry im full of useless information lol

7 Aug, 2009


Erica, why do you want to eradicate an insect that may just be having a rest on one of your plants?

Nosey is right in that it's a wasp relative (Hymenoptera) but this is a Sawfly, one of the plant feeding wasps. As it happens though, this one actually can damage your plants as it is a Rose Sawfly!

Nothing can be done now but spray with Bug Clear or similar (not Provado as this kills Bees) in late spring next year.

7 Aug, 2009


In defence of all those who answered, you didn't say in your original question that there was damage to your roses, nor describe what it was - some people fret about all insects present on their plants, and since most of us did not recognise the beastie for what it was, you could have been one of those people.

8 Aug, 2009


i think personaly a big part of the beauty of a garden is the wildlife

8 Aug, 2009


Agree NoseyP

8 Aug, 2009


i mean what would we be without insects.theres a call for people to keep a bee hive as they are dying out big going to and as it will be at the bottem of my garden it will make a good burgler repelent.we as a race will be in very deep trouble if beez die out.theres parts of china with none.they grow fruit trees as there comparativley easy to polinate bye hand excuse my spelling

9 Aug, 2009

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