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Advice on prunus cerasifera hedge please!


By Abl

United Kingdom Gb

I planted a prunus cerasifera hedge in April and the leaves are still green. I thought they should be purple so I am wondering whether I have got the wrong plant? Also I am wondering when I should prune or shape it- it is apporx. 2" high. Any other advice gratefully received!

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do you mean 2 inches (2") high, or 2 feet (2')!! I'll assume the latter.Usual procedure would be to reduce the height at planting time or within a month by a third to encourage branching from the base - you could take off six inches off the tops now, though. As for the colour of the leaves, I'd have expected the older ones near the bottom to have been the browny purple by now, and I always thought they didn't grow green at first and then change, like some plants, but opened up that colour straight away - any chance of a photo?

5 Aug, 2009

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