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Won't bloom

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Update to question: When I say partial sun, it is planted on the west side of my house, the sun of course comes up on the east, so from about 11:00am to 3:00pm it get some direct sun before the sun goes behind the tall trees. , then maybe some late sun for anout 1.5 hours.

My Rhododendron has been in the ground now for about 3 years in front of my porch and gets about 4 to 5 hours "partial sun" as the lable stated. But it won't bloom. have I done something wrong? I would say that mine gets about the same amount of sun as everyone else's in my neighborhood and thiers are beautiful. It just keeps growing new sprouts.

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When you say partial sun do you mean it gets direct sun for parts of the day or dappled sunlight throughout the day ?Looks to me as if trying to grow toward light source ie across and not up.this would suggest too much shade photo looks like taken with flash quite dark in area when sun not there for those 4 - 5 hours?Partial sun means not in direct sunlight but under canopy of other trees/plants so light filtered.Sorry if making this sound complicated it isnt could you more fully detail partial sun?

15 May, 2008


Your rhodi is clearly not a happy camper. Does it get enough water there? Is the soil Ph not balanced right in that area for this plant? Did you try fertilizing it? I had a calla lilly (I know different plant) that was not doing well in my front yard for years so I dug it up planted a different plant in the same spot and put the calla lilly in a bucket of water with a little fertilizer in it and it did great so I planted it in the back the new plant however is not doing so well in that same spot. so it could be the soil or drainage. I would ask a local nurseryman in your area though just to see what they say. I have one (Rhodi) down at the coast that looks like that and it doesn't get nearly enough water and the soils bad there.

16 May, 2008


Hi. I live in zone 5 and I have mine under the high overhang at the front of the house. Rhodos do not like wind, but do need soil modified so it's acidic, and fertilizing - I use something called Pinks - first thing in the spring and then again monthly until end of July in order to form flower buds for the next spring. (Bonkersbon, I agree with you about the filtered sunlight being the ideal location.) They are very expensive plant here and it looks like yours is very healthy other than the fact that it hasn't flowered so the soil is probably right however may need shots of Miracle Grow for Rhodos and azaleas to keep the soil acidic enough. Good Luck. LP

17 May, 2008

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