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how do i conrol my squash plant its taking over


By Ginotti

United Kingdom Gb

its growing like a great triffid



The only way is pruning, but any bits you prune off will mean a loss of flowers/fruit. Any one else got an idea..?

23 Jul, 2009


In theory, though I've not tried it, you could treat it like a melon, with a single 'leader' stopped at say five feet, and then allowing four to six sideshoots. You would then pinch out each sideshoot several leaves after the fruit has formed. But you would then need to keep pinching out all new growth.
The alternative is to move to a bigger garden with the space to let it rip!
By the way, if you think a squash plant is bad, try a fig leafed gourd one day (cucurbita ficifolia). One plant covered an area about 15 metres by 15 metres (and after all that it didn't make any fruit!)

24 Jul, 2009


arr true...

24 Jul, 2009

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