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By Rosa

massachusetts, United States Us

I have a very large boulder in my back yard. It sits under two trees and makes a nice focal point when you look out there. It is in a shady area. So just so you can have an image, there is a tree on either side of this boulder. What do you think I should plant around it. Need some help. I don't have a picture, but if the ideas don't make sense, I will try to take one. Thank you



Sounds like it could be a great visual area! Others can give you specific plants for your area. I just thought I would mention to maybe try for 3 different height of plants, to balance the lower boulder with the trees. Also, maybe a bench?

13 May, 2008


You can plant whatever you like near your boulder - you don;t need to be confined to choosing 'rock-garden plants'. If under the shade of trees, maybe consider a collection of ferns? I think their soft fronds would look nice against the stone :-)

13 May, 2008


You could add Hostas for a contrast in leaf-shape. (remember that hostas are slug/snail magnets, though!)

13 May, 2008

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