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Rooting Dogwood

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary Hu

When I pruned my Red Dogwood at the end of the winter, I put the stems in water. They made a very attractive display for the house. NOW 5 of them have developed roots. I have put them in a pot for now. My question is how long should I keep them in a pot before I transplant them into the garden?

On plant Cornus alba Sibirica




Hi Chris - yes, Cornus alba does root very easily! The usual way to propagate this plant is to cut stems off in winter and simply to push them into the ground - they usually root and start growing without any more input! If you have somewhere to put them, I see no reason not to plant them straight away (keeping them well watered until established), or leave them in pots until you decide where to put them :-)

13 May, 2008

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