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georgia, United States

i have been told that when the little yellow flowers appear on plants, the yellow flower itself should be pulled off(not the outside) just the inner yellow flower.
wow. this is the first site i have ever been on that you get such prompt and so many helpful replies. i thank you all.



Been growing toms for nearly 40 years and never heard that one before.

11 May, 2008


well thanks for replying. hope someone will have some info on this. i don't want to harm my tomatoes. thanks again.

11 May, 2008


I have never heard of this as it forms the tomato. The only thing to remove are side shoots and if the plant has excessive leaves you can remove them, this way power goes to producing the flower which them becomes the tomato. I would also recommend planting in rings in your grow bags as this gives a better root ball, retains water and higher yield. If you don't have the rings them a large plastic pot with the bottom cut out works just as well. I did this first and then purchased the rings.

Good luck.


11 May, 2008


Whoever told you this is.......well, mad, not to put too fine a point on it! The yellow flower attracts the insects needed to pollinate the embryonic tomato - no flower = no pollination = no tomato.

11 May, 2008


thanks to all of you for info. i called a nursery and they said the same thing. i just hope that i can still get some tomatoes after i plucked off all those little yellow flowers. i sure wish i had come to this site first. thanks to all.

11 May, 2008


I know a little about toms - but never to remove the flowwer - its the start of the fruit - who ever told you this is an idiot - the ones you have taken the flowers off - bin mate !!

12 May, 2008

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