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Is this really a Crosmosia?


By Jonezee

Flintshire, Wales Wal

I have had a few answers to my original question asking for the name of a plant. However I have not been able to find the plant of the same size on any website. I have to say that is certainly looks like a Crosmosia Lucifer, but it has to be at least 12 feet high. Do they really grow that tall?




It is NOT Crocosmia, it IS Phormium, and those are the flowers, and they do get that tall. I am prepared to stake my professional reputation on it, if that helps you believe me!
If you want to see what Crocosmia looks like, go to my home page by clicking on my icon and have a look in my photos - there's a recent pic of one in flower there - its the bright red one (not the bottlebrush!)

15 Jul, 2009


I will also be loading a pic of Crocosmia Lucifer shortly. Bamboo's professional reputation is quite safe!

15 Jul, 2009


My bad :-p

15 Jul, 2009


Many thanks everyone. Bamboo is right It is a Phormium. I am so pleased to have it identified.

15 Jul, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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