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Cutting back Welsh Poppies

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I have numerous clumps of these around the garden and I've noticed every year that as the summer goes on, the leaves become tinged with discolour and the flowers are a bit bedraggled. if I cut them back, will they have time to put up fresh growth and flowers?



If you mean Mecanopsis cambrica you can almost treat it as a weed! Just pull or dig up any tatty looking plants and bing (do not compost!) Mec C will seed itself happily all over the garden year on year... we view it as a weed and pull out all the time.

13 Jul, 2009


Thanks Moongrower, but I love it and have regular places to have it even when it doesn't self-seed where I want it; I will dig it up and replant it. Of course I chuck out or give away the ones i don't want.
But what I wanted to know is will it replenish itself this year.
thankyou for your comment.

13 Jul, 2009


It will self seed all over your garden given half a chance - which you are obviously giving it :)

13 Jul, 2009


the plant is a perenial so yes it will come back next year nice and tidy. you can trim off the tatty foliage if you just want to improve the appearance. you may get new leaves but i would nt expect flowers.

13 Jul, 2009


They are very useful in any garden and easy to control just pull up any seedlings you don't want. Being Welsh , I am a bit biased!!! All plants can be classed as weeds if you wish.I cherish plants that are early flowering pretty and not difficult to control and very tough.

14 Jul, 2009


Thanks SBG and Wyeboy. I find them great for almost all beds and they happily blend with the most surprising of colours. i think I'll just tidy them up and not cut them back if you think they won't flower if I do that.
They do self-seed everywhere but I enjoy seeing them pop up in spring and as you say, they are easy to pull up.
Thanks again.

14 Jul, 2009

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