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how much to cordyline australis grow each year


By Halum

bham, United Kingdom Gb

this is my second attempt at growing cordyline from seed. two have grown this time round any tips would be great. also any idea how long they would take to grow to 50 cm tall

On plant Cordyline australis




Thisis the third time I've seen your question, and no one's answered - I don't know though, I've never grown them from seed. They're not noted for being fast growing even when large, so I'm afraid it's wait and see time. Sorry to be of little help.

9 Jul, 2009


Hi, if you put seeds into the airing cupboard you will get better results, then repot sprouts. They usually take 2-3 weeks. They wont all come at once, so keep popping the seeds back in the airing cupboard. They need heat to germinate. Don't over-water. I have about ten sprouts after 3 weeks, out of hundreds of seeds. Palms vary in growth time, depending on where you live and the soil type. They can vary from a few inches to a foot per year. They don't do well in pots and will never reach full size.

22 Mar, 2013

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