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i have propergated some plants this year .which is the best way to over winter them.i do not have a cold's a cold frame need to rest on bare ground or can it be set on concrete,if you have a cold frame do you need to water your plants

On plant the plants in question are penstemon,gaura passionate blush



You don't mention what type of plants you have propagated so get back to us with these details then we can take it from there.

I have written this on coldframes so perhaps it might clarify a few points!

23 Sep, 2012


Yes you can put a frame on concrete, and yes you still have to keep plants from drying out - rather than follow rules for how often to water, look at the compost and use your judgement. As TG says, we need to know which plants you are taliking bout for any further advice.

23 Sep, 2012

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