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By Hanchy

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I posted a query last week about chillies.I am totaly ignorant of what should happen.these are about 1"plus black in colour.they look about as healthy as any Ive seen.I have enclosed a photo this time.What can I expect next to happen?




I have found a chilli called Chenzo (capiscum frutescens) and it says that the fruit starts green, goes black and then turns red. They are very hot chillies so hold onto your hat!!

23 Sep, 2012


Pick them with gloves on then......

You could use them at any colour I think, as Camomile says the red will be the hottest but you may find you like the other stages as well

23 Sep, 2012


Thank you Camomile & Pamg I'll hang onto my hat when I start using them.I just deseeded one & tried it,certainly made my eyes water.

23 Sep, 2012


Brilliant crop - haven't they done well?

23 Sep, 2012


I remember the question. the green ones are the immature ones and can be eaten also. the black are the ripe ones.

good crop too. well done.

24 Sep, 2012


Thank you Steragram & Seaburngirl for your words of encouragement allI can say is 1st time lucky thanks every one for your replys.I might add I've got 6 plants like this.

24 Sep, 2012


you can pop them 'washed' into good quality olive oil too.
they keep for ages that way. they freeze well too.

25 Sep, 2012


they look like 'Hungarian Hot Wax' which i have grown for a couple of years now, they start green go black and then turn dark red. I dont think they get any hotter when they are red but i dont want them too, they are hot enough for me.

25 Sep, 2012

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