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We have removed a lot of very overgrown plants that are well past their "sell by" date from one of the beds in the garden we recently moved to. The bed also contained a lot of well-established weeds, i.e. bindweed, ground elder, grass, etc.. How should we treat the empty bed in the hope of minimizing too much weed regrowth before we start to replant?



Cover with black membrane and leave over winter this should prevent airborne seeds and restrict growth and keep weeding next spring when the weeds are seedlings it’s much easier. Keep doing this and you will eventually get rid of most of the weeds.

22 Sep, 2012


You could keep the membrane and put down a good mulch to keep future problems down.

22 Sep, 2012


I would be tempted to water it with glyphosate first to give it start, leave it for about three weeks, and put the membrane or black plastic down after that. This may not be enough to eradicate the bindweed

23 Sep, 2012


Another thought - as the ground elder and bindweed are both very stubborn it might be advisable to stick to annuals in the first season, as if the thugs re-appear in the middle of perennials they are very difficult to remove. Bindweed roots can go down to a depth of six feet and are very persistent. Digging them out every time you see the least little bit will over time discourage it, but it takes time and determination. If it appears among plants you want to keep you can also let it grow but train it all up canes. Then you lay the canes flat, cover surrounding plants and spray or water with glyphosate. Either way its an uphill struggle.
The problem with using glyphosate and membrane at this time of year is that the weeds will soon die back anyway and the cover only works by excluding light from the leaves - so if the leaves aren't there over the winter the membrane will have no effect until they begin to grow again in the spring.

I'm sorry this is depressing reading. But its no use "minimising" these two - you have to eradicate them!

24 Sep, 2012


Will glyphosate kill my ivy by any chance steragram please? Xx.

24 Sep, 2012


I don't know - I read somewhere that you stand a better chance if you mix it with detergent so it has more chance of wetting the leaves. Are you still fighting the ivy on the front of your house? Actually do you think anything short of total weedkiller is going to sort that, when even chopping it off didn't work! :( xx

24 Sep, 2012


I don't know steragram those it defiantly slowed it down. I think I'd rather get someone to take it down really x x.

25 Sep, 2012


That's a very good idea NP - sorry I'm late answering, ony just noticed your reply! If you get someone to chop it down you can SBK the stumps. The house will look very different without it!

2 Oct, 2012


i actualy love the ivy but my satalite or gutters and tiles dont lol . i hate being a sheep like so many other people x x .

3 Oct, 2012


Nobody could accuse you of that - baa!

3 Oct, 2012


i do hope not steragram lol xx .be boring if there wasnt a few excentric nutters like yours truly knockin about lol .

3 Oct, 2012


Hear hear!

4 Oct, 2012

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