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By Lolm

kent , United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone , I've just moved into a house & have my first garden so am very new to gardening so need lots of help please xx its a very small garden, with some lawn but no mud ?? It used to be a carpark so although it has turf I have no flower beds so everythin I grow will have to be in pots ?? Anyone got any ideas to give it some all round colour & interest ??
Thank you , lolm



Hi, scroll to the botto of the page and click on the letter c for containers. you will find lots of photos to give you ideas.

21 Sep, 2012


If you have grass then there must be an area that has not got tarmac below it. Mud? Well I hope you mean soil... you can create part of your current grass area and turn it into a flower bed - otherwise as SBG has suggested tubs and containers.

21 Sep, 2012


Perhaps you could remove the turf neatly from one corner and dig down underneath it to find out if there is a reasonable depth of soil. If there is you can remove more turf and make either a bed or a border as you wish.If here isn't you can replace the turf as it was.

You would find beds easier to manage than containers in the long run - they need less maintenance eg watering.

Welcome to GOY - if you are planning to ask more questions it would be a help if you filled in some more derails in your profile, especially whereabouts in the country you live, as for some questions knowing this helps people to give you answers suited to your area. When we have more details of the space you have it will be easier to make useful suggestions - eg how small is small, is it sunny or shaded, does it have fences, hedges or walls etc.

21 Sep, 2012


Thank u everyone , sorry if my description was a bit hazy as I said I'm very new to gardening lol . I will dig the bottom corner of the turf up and see what's underneath :-) why didn't I think of that ??

22 Sep, 2012

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