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Dear friends just in case you think I'm wittering for nothing your advice and your gifts on this site have already resulted in new growing plants and my enthusiasm (it's so easy to get downhearted). Now I'm thinking about selecting a small flower border in this large garden (the lady before me had many, sadly now neglected) and trying to revive it. Can't kneel etc. so probably slow but shall post a blog of it as soon as weather permits (thunderstorms galore, tonight, but sunshine and 29deg promised tomorrow hey vive la France!. Beware! (photo of "unimproved" version follows soon). V. poor according to all your lights but worth a blog? At present as far as I can see mahonia plus one neglected rose plus some brambles plus maybe a lungwort or two... plus conifers from next door. A challenge?



not mahonia sorry an overgrown pieris I think - I did tell you I was bad at anything other than vegetables (and weeds!)

21 Sep, 2012


Definitely worth a blog, with lots of photographs hopefully! Everyone loves a 'work in progress' and before and after things.

21 Sep, 2012


Was just going to say the same - we love before and after pics!

21 Sep, 2012


Bonsoir Monjardin!

I live around 200 km south of you and love my life here.

You will be amazed about what will and won't grow...and about how quickly those that! And, how much those that won't...just, don't.

Bon Courage et Filicitations sur votre projet :)

1 Oct, 2012

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