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Best cordless trimmer for little fir trees?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any ideas, im tempted to buy the bosch cordless shrub trimmer as its small and would cut a small tree to shape

Im not out to spend loads so was wonderingiff anyone hasone they think is good..

Websites and prices would be good..

Many thanks..



i know one thing and thats that a cordless is bye far the safest and easiest to a rule the top makes like black and decker or bosch etc are as a hole better but im not an expert on strimmers but you do get what you pay best if you got one with 2 batteries as you can charge one while your using one

5 Jul, 2009


I would recommend the Gtech HT01. Weighs three and a half pounds only, and you can carry it around with a none too heavy battery pack. There is the telescopic version and the non telescopic version. You can take your pick between them. I would recommend it to anyone. Cheap to buy, you can find it on

5 Jul, 2009


Thanks guys i will look out for that Gtech HT01 as its cheap and look good. i would have to say the same wireless is the way to go very safe.

5 Jul, 2009


your welcome

5 Jul, 2009

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