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What is this weed, please?

West Somerset, England Eng

I have a climbing weed that grows at about 90 mph! I try to pull it out, but it has soft stems and breaks easily. I'd really like to know its name, if anyone could help, please.




i think this is white or common bryony
Bryonia dioica. It is a member of the cucurbitaceae . it was a medicinal plant containing glycosides, tannins and alkaloids. posionous then.

4 Jul, 2009


~never set eyes on it before!

4 Jul, 2009


I am pretty sure you are right, Seaburngirl, I have never come across it here. Very unusual in gardens, I think, Spritz, maybe you should keep it? mm .. maybe not.

5 Jul, 2009


YUK!!! Thanks for the answer! I shall keep heaving it out!

5 Jul, 2009

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