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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I have some new leaves/bulbs shooting up and I don't know what they are. I was hoping it was more Trillium, but they are much bigger than my other one. Any ideas are appreciated.

I was very excited today to find out two of my unidentified tall bushes are both Lilacs. One purple, and one White. I love their smell and love to bring some inside.




Possibly Lily of the Valley or Hosta.

9 May, 2008


On a second look, I go with the Hosta answer

9 May, 2008


Thank you Owdboggy, they are shooting up everwhere. Interesting how their leaves unfold.

9 May, 2008


Yes, definately Hostas! They are nice plants grown mostly for their big leaves, but many also have nice flowers in spikes of lilac or white. :-)

9 May, 2008


think it is lily of the valley as it is coming up everywhere but I must say it looks like hostas now I've taken a second look!!

9 May, 2008

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