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Leaf cutter bees


By Daff

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I have a bee box up, and it's being quickly filled with leaf cutter bees. On the front step I have a lovely Fuchsia which i was admiring, when this Leaf cutter bee came and went into a hole in the same pot, will it damage the fuchsia, Is there anything i can do about it, shall I leave alone and hope for the best, or take a cutting of the fuchsia just in case.
Thanks. Gail x



It is not likely that any damage will be done to the Fuchsia, apart from a series of neat notches in the leaves. The bee is more than likely preparing a nursery in your pot. This will consist of a maximum of six small chambers, lying end to end, in each of which she will lay an egg, sealing the end of each chamber with a plug of chewed leaf. The overwintered larvae will emerge as adult bees next June.
Take a cutting anyway, just to be on the safe side, but if you can leave the pot undisturbed, that would be good for us bee-lovers.

3 Jul, 2009


Thanks Bbb, do you think I ought to move the pot back nearer the wall, so it's more shaded for them, and what about winter will the pot need any protecting from the cold.

Thanks. Gail x

3 Jul, 2009


Leave the pot where it is for now. The bee knows where it is, and will have sussed out that conditions are OK for her nursery.
In the winter it would be a good idea to wrap the pot in a double layer of horticultural fleece. This will help protect your fuchsia and the bee larvae.

3 Jul, 2009


Thank you, I will take a cutting of the fuchsia this weekend, and not touch the pot till about the begining of November, the bees should have finished what they are doing by then.

PS. I will water the plant very carefully.


3 Jul, 2009

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