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Help, something is eating my hostas

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We have squirrels, bunnies, gophers in our area. Is there anything
I can put around the plants to keep them away. I have a 2 year
old that plays in the yard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I find horticultural gravel around the base of my hostas & any young plants works well, some people use crushed egg shells. I have a 2 yr old who loves digging in the garden, she has never shown any interest in the gravel around the plants so you should be ok I think. Give your toddler a bucket of compost & a plastic trowel & he/she will love it; be prepared for the mess!!

8 May, 2008


It is always slugs and snails that eat my hostas. I use slug pellets. It may not be eco friendly but they are very effective.

8 May, 2008


just seen a gardening prog on the tele, they recomend garlic infused water . 2 bulbs, boiled for 4 mins , strain off and make up to 2pints. one spoonful per gallon , on the leaves , apparently works......steve

9 May, 2008


A fence?! I expect it's the bunnies...

10 May, 2008


I use bran round my plants as the smell and the dryness keeps pests at bay. You can buy them smart price and crush. The garlic idea looks good as this was on gardners world on Friday evening. I also use nematode but that for slugs.

11 May, 2008

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