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thanks guys for the advice unfortunately it still isnt working, i sat for over an hour yesterday and the photo still didnt upload. it is in relation to a tree i have which i inherited with the house on purchase, 7 years ago. i have no idea what it is called or how to look after it. i can only try to describe it. it is not evergreen, it is about 5ft tall and the branches when they grow from the outside, fall over to make it hang, it has lovely catkins in the spring. trouble is it is growing ever wider and i would like it to grow taller i thought i could trim the top branches and gather them and bind them to force them up rather than hang over. anyone got any suggestions please.



Google Kilmarnock Willow, digitdeep, see if that's the plant you have. If it is, it does get wider year on year, and its habit is weeping, so it won't grow up. You can, though, prune out some of the branches just before their point of origin (but don't cut beyond the lumpy bit, which is the graft, at the top of the mainstem) and make it narrower by doing that.

18 Sep, 2012


Check how many megabytes your photo is by hovering over the thumb nail that comes up when you press on pictures and select your image. GOY will not upload more than a 5 mb image. Then trim it and try again if that is the problem. Our old next door neighbour had one like that which he kept to shape(like a parasol'. After he went off to 'shady pines' it went beserk(wider and wider) and got the chop when new people moved in.

18 Sep, 2012

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